The Anatomy of an Affair project represents a body of work spanning over 8 years of effort across 5 main artistic modes: Musical Composition, Songwriting, Poetry, Prose, and Graphic Design. After the 7 years of studio recording the 80 songs and recitations put to music, contracting with sketch artist illustrators and building the book design for each page began. Click the short video to see and hear.


The 40 singer/songwriter recordings were accomplished over seven years in 3 different studio settings; utilizing nearly 40 collaborating musicans across 4 different producers. The first studio session was in Florida in July of 2009 and the last wrapped in Pennsylvania in 2016. This represents 2 hours, 40 minutes, and 50 seconds of song. Work on prioritizing the accompanying poetry and creating the timeline bewtween poetry and song, ongoing since inception, began in earnest during the Spring of 2017.

After months of rehersals, by October of 2017 recitation recordings were shipped out for professional mix and mastering to equalize an audio experience between the genres. In addition, meditational instrumental versions for the song audios were melded into the poetry recitations. These recitations total 1 hour and 20 minutes of blended music and poetry. The meditational music alone track spans 1:20:00 in length.


A collection of 80 works of poetry and/or song lyrics along a timeline chronicling the emotional journey and observations of the songwriter/author on discrete love affairs. Crafted with carefully selected illustrations chosen by the author, each page of this 11x14 inch coffee table book has a story. For every poem and song there is an accompanying audio component available. 

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